Using an existing video advertising solution built by an ad company?

Go from relying on a restrictive ad delivery ecosystem, favoring its own buying and selling side technology stack, to being able to connect to most SSPs on the market, providing significantly higher fill rates and placement yield.

Already working with a video ad tech provider? This is what we can do for you


Integrating and managing our solution is inexpensive. Migration only involves adding our script to your website after we agree on requirements. The integration will be implemented quickly with the help of our specialized software stack, and be managed by us.

Increase your inventory

Build additional video ad inventory quickly with our high-value video ad formats and placements.

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Connect to your existing ad sources

Maintain your existing ad sources, and improve the quality of their delivery. Our solution is kept up-to-date with the latest IAB specifications and is already trusted by major media agencies and SSPs. We support VAST urls, Prebid.js ad units and banner scripts.

Add new ad sources

Not only will your existing ad sources deliver higher value impressions, we will also help you connect to new SSPs and ad servers. This will allow additional revenue streams, both direct and programmatic, and will win you a higher share of growing video advertising budgets.

Manage all of your ad sources

Connect and manage your ad sources easily, with our platform for publishers. The platform allows you to intuitively set complex prioritization rules, targeting and capping in one place.

Connect to your partner's ad sources

Share your unsold inventory easily, with the help of our integrated partner platform. We can connect you to media agencies, ad networks and advertisers in your area for no additional cost.

Understand your placements' performance

Understand your inventory and get more out of your placements, with the help of our player dashboard. We measure real advertising opportunities for all our formats, including outstream and many other user interaction events.

Optimize your campaigns' performance

Optimize your yield with our advertising dashboard. Ad sources are measured according to IAB standards, supporting all VAST events, focusing especially on accurate viewability.

Master video advertising

Monitor your whole digital advertising pipeline. Take advantage of our programmatic advertising expertise. As we don’t make deals with advertisers, our interests align with yours. We also have experience with numerous site types and are ready to share our experience with you.

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