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Target our customers' sites and maximise your video brand awareness campaigns. You'll achieve high visibility, high performance formats, premium placements, compatibility with most SSPs and DSPs and compatibility with 3rd party ad verification tools, plus high quality viewability tracking. The ads only run when users have the player in their active view.

Major agencies are already using our whitelist to create successful video campaigns.

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High Impact Ad Delivery

Ads running in our player only start when the user has the player in view. The player is paused if the user scrolls away, visits different tabs, or minimizes the browser. This is the case for all our ad placements, instream or outstream.

We can run video campaigns in different outstream formats according to behavior and aspect ratio. Our case studies have shown they deliver significantly better performance:

Vertical ads delivered 3x higher click-through rate and 4.2x completion rate when compared to Instagram.

The Slider format loops several video ads in one position with extra loops included free of charge. The Slider delivers 45% higher click-through rate, 68% higher unique click-through rate and 10% higher average view rate when compared to the traditional outstream format.

Trustworthy Measurements

Your campaigns will run through our ad player, which is fully compatible with IAB standards and currently delivers VAST 4.0 assets with support for VPAID 2.0. The player offers a detailed and consistent measuring of video advertising behavior, strictly following IAB standards.

All VAST events are supported and measured including -  but not limited to -  viewable impressions, clicks, video view time 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, skip, fullscreen, mute, unmute, etc.

VPAID 2.0 compliance allows you to use:
- DSP-integrated and 3rd party ad verification tools
- DSP-integrated and 3rd party viewability measurements
- interactive ads with dynamic ad elements for performance campaigns

We support numerous formats and placements


Preview for Desktop / Mobile

Outstream Slider

Preview for Desktop / Mobile

Outstream Multiplacement

Preview for Desktop / Mobile

Outstream Multiplacement Alternative

Square Outstream

Preview for Desktop / Mobile

Vertical Outstream

Preview for Desktop / Mobile

Video Instream

Audio Instream

Vertical Outstream

Preview for Desktop / Mobile

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We CAN guarantee
your video advertising goes through our player*

* In case of private deals and direct campaigns

How can you buy it?

Use direct buying, programmatic private deals and Open RTB to target publishers that use our technology.

Target the campaign by domain, device, player size and position type: instream (pre, mid, post-roll) or outstream.

We can provide a whitelist of included sites upon request via

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