New to video advertising?

Go from having no video advertising inventory to a high impact, premium inventory. Connect to most SSPs on the current market and start effective programmatic selling.

New to video advertising? This is what we can do for you:


Integrate our library with no additional code. Add the Caroda library to all your sites and we'll set up placement of your ads according to your needs and requests. The placements can be either new or competing with existing positions, including banners.

Build an inventory

Build your video ad inventory quickly, with our high-value video ad formats and placements.

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Connect to Any ad sources

Connect to all relevant ad sources and capture the highest possible share of growing video advertising budgets. We support VAST urls, Prebid.js ad units and banner scripts.

Connect to your partner's ad sources

Sell your unsold inventory easily, with the help of our integrated partner platform. We can connect you to media agencies, ad networks and advertisers in your area for no additional cost.

Master video advertising

Monitor your entire digital advertising pipeline. Take advantage of our programmatic advertising expertise. As we don’t make deals with advertisers, our interests align with yours. We also have experience with numerous site types and are ready to share our experience with you.

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